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09/15/2018 11:30Man refused UK visa to visit newborn grandson because he did not send photo of 1975 wedding    ( The Independent )
Mr Polyakov married his wife Anna, 64, who is German, in 1975 and the couple live together in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic, Russia.
08/09/2018 13:30Russia's flourishing toilet paper industry    ( bne IntelliNews )
Syktyvkar Tissue Group was launched as a toilet paper production site at Syktyvkar Forest Enterprise in April 1987 and became a leading Soviet ...
05/31/2018 19:40On the city Day and Day of Russia in Syktyvkar will perform “Umaturman”    ( The Siver Telegram )
Last year, residents of Syktyvkar city Day and Day of Russia congratulated Valery, two years ago came to the city of “Flowers” to this was made by ...
05/09/2018 05:00Accomplice of Komi Republic's ex-head Gaizer gets 6 years in prison    ( RAPSI )
Moreover, Gaizer himself received 37.5 million rubles in bribes for assignment of a person identified by investigators to the post of the Syktyvkar liquor ...
05/08/2018 13:00In the sky above Syktyvkar filmed a mysterious UFO    ( The Siver Telegram )
... noticed near the ring. “We saw two strange luminous cloud. Who knows what it could be. I was under the impression that the objects moved above the clouds and tried to enlighten the earth's surface with the help of powerful spotlights, “said a resident of Syktyvkar, who shot this phenomenon on video.
04/28/2018 12:50Joke of the day: in Russia monument rouble fell apart    ( The Siver Times )
The monument was erected in Syktyvkar. Fell and broke a monument to the ruble that was installed Syktyvkar, Komi Republic. Art object made of metal and glass literally crumbled to pieces, reports the with reference to On the pedestal, where a monument was erected, ...
03/24/2018 03:20RAAPA celebrates 20th anniversary Expo in Moscow    ( InterPark )
Recognised this year were attractions including ChaiLand FEC (Syktyvkar), city park Lukomorie (Saratov), Funky Town FEC (Kostanay, Kazakhstan), Happylon Adventure FEC (Astana, Kazakhstan), city park Lakreevsky Les (Cheboksary), whaterpark Ulyot (Ulianovsk), Funny Jungle FEC (Krasnogorsk), ...
02/21/2018 13:05Komi advance-development territory to unite 15 investment projects    ( TASS )
SYKTYVKAR /Komi Region/, February 20. /TASS/. More than 15 investment projects may be included in an application from the Komi Region's Vorkuta for a status of an advance-development territory, the city's head of administration, Igor Guryev, told TASS on Tuesday. "We have about 15 investment ...
02/12/2018 05:05Why the Russians are laughing at us    ( New York Daily News )
Twenty years ago in Syktyvkar, 1,300 kilometers from Moscow, a tall, bearded man in a traditional black robe served as the judge to finalize the adoption of my daughter from a provincial orphanage. Speaking in Russian, he asked me if I knew she suffered from a mental illness and did I really want to ...
02/01/2018 13:20The Tsar's Election and Referendums Without Politics    ( The Jamestown Foundation )
Illustrative of Mikhailov's point, last year an initiative was launched in the Republic of Komi to hold a local referendum on the transfer of the administrative capital from Syktyvkar to Ukhta. But in the end, the authorities blocked this idea (7×, December 26, 2017). The reason for the refusal was ...
01/31/2018 05:20What would happen to Russia's elections if the regional authorities stopped controlling them?    ( Open Democracy )
Source: siktivkar.bezformata.ruIn mid-November 2017, the electoral commission of Russia's northern Komi Republic accepted documents from an advocacy group for a referendum on moving the region's capital — from Syktyvkar to Ukhta. Ten days later, the referendum was almost unanimously ...
01/30/2018 13:25Extreme Embalming: How exactly do you prop a dead person up on a motorcycle?    ( )
There's a fascinating – and macabre – article up on AV Club right now that's more interesting than perhaps it aught to be. Interviewed for their 'AV Club Sit Down' feature, Mortician Caitlin Doughty talks about the bizarre process of 'extreme embalming' where dead bodies are chemically preserved to the ...
01/23/2018 21:20Polar Circle city continues 'housing-compression' program    ( TASS )
SYKTYVKAR, January 23. /TASS/. A mono-industrial city in the Komi Region continues the first stage of program to relocate people from half-uninhabited houses. The first stage is due to finish by end of January. The region offers 100 newly-repaired flats, the city's head Igor Guryev told TASS. Read also ...
01/02/2018 12:15Vile nurses mock dying patients, pose with body parts and pretend to drink blood in disturbing ...    ( The Sun )
A male gynaecologist in Syktyvkar posed with a patient during what seemed to be an intimate examination or medical procedure. In Kazan, nurse Gulnaz Yalalova, then 20, posed with a broad smile while holding a removed spleen. She posted it on social media alongside an image of herself in a bikini.
12/06/2017 20:10Trial of Komi Republic's ex-head Gaizer to begin on December 11    ( RAPSI )
... million) damage to the republic. Investigators also accuse the gang members of taking bribes totaling to 160 million rubles in 2013. Moreover, Gaizer himself received 37.5 million rubles in bribes for assignment of a person identified by investigators to the post of the Syktyvkar liquor producer's director.
11/14/2017 20:15Russian Komi Republic's ex-head Gaizer to stay in detention till Dec.19    ( RAPSI )
Moreover, Gaizer himself received 37.5 million rubles in bribes for assignment of a person identified by investigators to the post of the Syktyvkar liquor ...
10/18/2017 08:30In The Middle Of A Show This Bear Finally Snaps At His Abusive Trainer (Video)    ( The Holidog Times )
On October 8, a circus bear violently turned on one of his trainers in the middle of a show in Syktyvkar, Russia. The bear, pulled onto the stage with a ...
10/12/2017 22:35Watch: Bear Snaps at Handler Mid-Show, Beaten Back Into Submission    ( PETA (blog) )
... for entertainment, a bystander recorded the breathtaking moment that a bear forced to perform in the circus finally snapped at a show in Syktyvkar, ...
10/11/2017 01:20Shocking moment circus bear lunges and viciously attacks its handler on stage... then goes back to ...    ( Daily Mail )
Footage shows the animal being paraded in front of an audience of mainly children in sub-Arctic city Syktyvkar, capital of Russia's Komi Republic.
09/02/2017 05:45Rostelecom expands networks in Komi, Yugra    ( Telecompaper (subscription) )
The settlement based in the neighbourhood of the city of Syktyvkar has been covered with a PON network, making broadband of up to 300 Mbps and ...


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